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Original Art from Art Nrshinga

Abstract Paintings By Paresh Nrshinga

Art Nrshinga was established 10 years ago by abstract artist Paresh Nrshinga.

Abstract artist Paresh Nrshinga offers:

Original Artwork ;
Bespoke Commissions for corporate and private clients;
FREE Home Consultation service;
Visits to his Studio/Gallery (view by appointment).
Art for businesses/offices for hire/to rent(there is a scheme available where you can rent original modern art for your office space for a period of time for a fee).

Nrshinga specialises in contemporary abstract paintings. The artist has a very unique style of painting both through the use of colour and personal technique. His works are a vibrant mix of movement and emotion. This site displays some of Nrshingas amazing abstract art for sale. It is Nrshinga’s highly individual style that makes him one of the most collectable modern artists in Britain. His abstract paintings have been exhibited in some of the top galleries in the UK including Gallery Rouge, Evergreen Gallery and Biscuit Factory. Top locations around Europe boast vast collections of Nrshinga’s work including stylish hotel La Casa in Collina, Italy, Omni House, London and the stunning home of Sina Capaldo which was recently shortlisted for Britain’s most Beautiful Home. Nrshinga has exhibited his modern art world wide including New York, Paris, Florence, Germany and the UK.

Our website hopes to show budding modern art collectors the fantastic new collection of abstract paintings for sale which Nrshinga has been working on for the past year. This new collection shows the fluid movement of a dance like quality manifested onto the canvas. The use of colour is both bold and often rare. This abstract artist wants to reflect his love of colour in nature and culture, especially the eastern colours of dress, pigment and lush spices. Music also plays a poignant role in the realisation of his modern art, - Nrshinga literally paints to music. Another influence that plays an impressive role in both Nrshinga’s work and life is spirituality. It is important that the work comes from within but also that it touches people in a profound way. Nrshinga wants to bring something to the lives of those who buy his abstract paintings, to bring happiness through colour and vibrant movement.

Modern Art Commissions & Abstract Art For Sale

Art Nrshinga aims to give private and corporate customers the chance to collect original abstract artwork with the least amount of effort. Through this site some of Nrshingas finest abstract paintings for sale can be viewed. With experience of creating abstract paintings for some of the most beautiful buildings in the UK Nrshinga is confident in picking the perfect collection for your home or office. We offer a free consultation service where Nrshinga will come to your premises with a collection of modern art that suits both you and your interior design. Viewing the work in situ gives you the opportunity to feel the energy of the work within your home. As well as offering completed abstract art for sale Nrshinga also offers bespoke commissions of any size and style and colour themes. After liaising with you at length about your requirements the artist will create a unique collection of abstract paintings for you. The commissions are highly personal and give you the opportunity to be involved in the realisation of the painting.

Art Nrshinga customers become loyal friends and we want to keep it that way, which is why we will invite you to all our future events and exhibitions.

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